The history of Charlestown Monument Company

Charlestown Monument Co. Inc., located at 12103 Hwy 62, Charlestown, Indiana, is a family owned and operated business serving the public since 1981, and has grown to be one of the largest monument manufacturers and retail businesses in southern Indiana. We specialize in artistic custom designed memorials of highly skilled craftsmanship and offer a variety of services ranging from monument production to cemetery services. 

Our company began with a vision by Christian and Lucinda Grayson. Jeffersonville Monument Co. in Jeffersonville, Indiana became a reality in the 1930's and operated it until the late 40's. Afterwards, they moved to Charlestown, Indiana where they began Grayson's Funeral Home. In addition to funeral arrangements, they offered monuments and installed them in the local cemeteries. 

In 1977, Jeff Grayson, grandson of Chris and Lucinda, began working in the monument business and founded Charlestown Monument Company in 1981. He began production with only one part-time employee and his company has since grown to the current staff of six. The growth of the staff provided the company with the opportunity to expand to a larger delivery area, including Louisville cemeteries, and offer a larger variety of services and specialties. With the addition of talented artists and skilled craftsmen, more attention could be given to aesthetic designs and beautiful illustrations engraved in granite. Along with new technological advancements in computer and laser systems, much more complex designs and illustrations are now possible. 

Photographs, which can be modified with the use of the computer, are engraved directly into the granite and will last for centuries. Other products and services offered include mausoleums, statuary, bronze markers, pet memorials, flower vases, cemetery lettering and cleaning, and commercial signs.

The goal of the company is to provide a service to aid the individual in selecting a memorial appropriate for their needs. Monuments are a very important part of our culture; they are a reflection of the love we share with our loved ones. We at Charlestown Monument Company believe that each individual is unique and special, and that one's monument should reflect those qualities. Each memorial is made from the finest granite and is guaranteed to last for centuries. We take special pride in our craftsmanship and can custom design one especially for you.

Please feel free to call or come in and have a counselor assist you in choosing a memorial appropriate for your special needs.

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