Selecting a memorial for a loved one that honors and reflects their personality is one of the most important decisions many of us will have to make during our lifetime. Selecting this monument also comes at a time when our loss weighs heavy on our hearts, and making such decisions is difficult at best.

At Charlestown Monument Company, we understand the importance and difficulty of this situation and offer a friendly and personal process that will honor and respect your loved one for a lifetime. We specialize in artistic custom designed memorials of highly skilled craftsmanship, and offer a variety of services ranging from monument production to cemetery services.

• Granite, Bronze, Marble, and Limestone Monuments
Personalized Laser Etchings, Laser Etched Portraits, Ceramic and Porcelain Portraits
Granite and Bronze Statuary
• Customized one of a Kind Memorials
Private Mausoleums
• Stained Glass
• Pet Marker
• Street Address Markers
• Paver Bricks
• Date of Death and Cemetery Inscription
• Cemetery Work, Cleaning, Leveling, and Repairing

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